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The 1890s - New Industry Develops

Beeston had grown by over 50% in the 1880s such that its population was 6,945 in 1891.  Nearly one third of the workforce depended on the lace industry, with the Pollard family making high quality lace and Frank Wilkinson operating the largest lace curtain factory in Europe.

The first Board School in Beeston had opened in 1882 on Church Street operating alongside the existing church and chapel schools.  Free education was introduced in 1891 and the school leaving age was raised to 11 in 1893.

A major fire at Wilkinson’s Beeston site in 1892 led to the commissioning of a new factory, of dramatic scale, that still stands today fronting on to Wollaton Road and now known as ‘The Lace Mill.’  CP Walker & Son are proud to act as Managing Agents of the Anglo Scotian Mills development in which The Lace Mill stands.


To find out more about the history of Beeston, please pop into our office to collect a free copy of ‘The Story of Beeston.’


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Dave B