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The 1920s - The Decade of Building


Following the ravages of war, the 1920s was the decade of building in Beeston.

The Council began an ambitious scheme of 'council house' building on the Beeston Fields Estate, to the East of Wollaton Road.  By the end of the decade over 200 new properties had been built in the area around Central Avenue.

Private house building flourished too with developers such as John H Brough very active during the period.  Broadgate Avenue, Cedar Avenue, Muriel Road, Louis Avenue, Scott Avenue & Waldemar Grove all date from this time.

Commercial and non-residential properties also emerged.  Work on Beeston Fields School started in 1929; The Boots Factory and site began to grow from 1927; and teh iconic Trent Building on what is now the University campus opened in 1928.

"Our agent Dominic was extremely patient when we came across some issues with the vendors and always did his best to move things along and thankfully disaster of the chain falling through was averted."
Caroline G