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Beeston Informed And Informative


Our team run the local volunteer-based news platform NG9 News – by local people for local people. We are here to inform local people – with up-to-date factual information, as and when things happen – together with a programme of future events and activities.

Our vision is that Beeston can grow and prosper. More especially if the local community know exactly what is going on, and when it is going on, and where. That way we can better understand Beeston, the place we live, become involved and contribute to the community.

Having local news/media run by the locals on a not-for-profit basis removes the usual aspects of dramatization and sensationalism – aimed to entice readers and to swell profits.

We envision the NG9 platform being in the vanguard of developing a thriving, cohesive community for Beeston and the wider environs.

We want to bring Beeston and NG9's news back into the hands of the locals - that’s what we are doing right now – making a positive contribution to the vibrancy and vitality of our area, more attractive and engaging for all concerned.

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Beeston – June 2021




#Beeston2020Vision is creating a conversation about the future of our town.  To comment, question, propose on this and the other #Beeston2020Visions - visit our Facebook page:

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