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Bustling Beeston


Beeston is a great example of how a small town can integrate both big business and small independents. On the occasions when I have visited, the High Street has always been busy which is a stark contrast to where I grew up. Greenhood Coffee House is exactly the type of place I would want to have nearby and living in a town of similar size, Beeston can be a blueprint for neighbouring areas and highlights how businesses do not have to be based in city centres in order to be successful.

Jordan Bunker
July 2021




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"I have learned to distrust landlords at every turn. CP Walker is a big exception. Always very courteous and down to earth. We were treated with respect, even though, as (postgrad) students, could have been regarded with suspicion. Good communicators. Addressed various issues (e.g., maintenance) on a quick - or at least very fair – timeframe. [Student Tenant for 1 year]"