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A Vibrant And Diverse Community Ready For A Post-Pandemic World


The inspiration behind the Beeston Vision is needed more than ever as we move on from what has been an incredibly tough period for us all, to a future which we know will be more optimistic but also altered by the challenges that faced us. 


With each inspiring contribution on the website and social media, you cannot fail to be reminded what a vibrant, creative and engaged community Beeston continues to be. In particular, it is telling to hear from those who came to Beeston (often as a student) and, whether they stayed or left, consider themselves Beestonians in perpetuity. 


As our welcoming, diverse neighbour, Beeston remains a firm favourite among our staff and student community, particularly those international staff and students who have come to Nottinghamshire to work and study. In return, the University and our talented, passionate and curious community have much to offer, and we want to ensure lifelong Beestonians can continue to embrace and enjoy this. 


Just before the pandemic hit, we had started to share some of the more unexpected ways the University impacts our local communities – from working with GPs and patients on key medical research, to supporting local SMEs to grow and innovate or running sport workshops in nearby schools. At least once every 22 seconds, someone across Nottinghamshire is trained by, attends a programme run by, visits a facility hosted by, is supported by a student or staff member from, works with a student placed by, or works in a business supported by one of Nottingham’s universities. 


As with all good neighbours there are occasional challenges, but where these arise, we work with local communities to try and resolve them. We have a dedicated Off-Campus Affairs team to encourage students to make a positive contribution to the communities of which they are part and the Students’ Union is always on the lookout for new community projects to get stuck into. 


It is an exciting time for Beeston, with much to look forward to as society reopens and the benefits of the new cinema and renewed night-time economy begin to emerge. In the same spirit that we welcome local communities to visit and enjoy our campus, I invite Beeston businesses, residents and community groups to find innovative, creative ways to welcome our diverse community into the town and harness their energy and ideas, so that the positive benefits continue to grow over the coming decade.

Professor Shearer West - Vice Chancellor Nottingham University

June 2021




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"The friendly staff are all very approachable. I have been a tenant for 15 years and have no desire to leave. [Tenant of 15 years]"