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Assets and what makes our place special need close thought. Described by the The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2020 as ‘the Marbella of Nottingham’, we are home to many university staff and students. We have a green location with a river frontage beside a nature reserve, good transport links and a welcoming, tolerant and resourceful local community prepared to take initiatives. We sit between Nottingham and Derby, beside the M1 (and possibly HS2 in future) and are conveniently close to East Midlands Airport. These are real strengths we can build on.

Looking ahead, the end of the next decade should not be that different to now. Vestiges of manufacturing may survive if they remain competitive, but we will still need accounting services, banks, estate agents, garages, community support, shops and schools. Life will go on.

Our household population should increase simply on the strength of committed development already underway, so helping the local economy and prompting infrastructure adjustments.  Communication is likely to remain an issue, hopefully leading to improving quality and reliability. We will adapt as we grow.

Speed of change is the essence of our time. Home grown entrepreneurs such as Francis Wilkinson with his lace curtains, the Pearson family, Thomas Humber’s bicycles and T H Barton’s buses, each embraced innovation in their changing worlds and flourished. They were alert to opportunity. They were proactive and faced change with agility and resilience.

Through their prism, earning a living in a competitive world with population changes, migration uncertainties and much else would be seen as part of the challenge. The reality is that almost any change presents an opportunity whether it is altering shopping habits, artificial intelligence or a growing culture of re-use and recycling. Attracting innovative new wealth creators has to be a priority for us now and our responses should expand and enrich our horizons.

Community action - self help - is also shaping our lives. Volunteering is at the heart of the Attenborough Nature Reserve, the Canalside venture, station improvements and other initiatives.

Personal commitments like this can be a powerful force for good in making Beeston a better place to live, work and play. For a brighter, fulfilling future we could each do more.

Quality, diversity and commitment are all important to a sustainable future. Beeston should be seen as an attractive, confident, welcoming place as it changes. That is down to us!




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