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#Beeston2020Vision - Skate Park


We feel this project has the potential for such a wider scope than just skateboarding.

Facilities that are built for skateboarding could also be suitable for roller skating which has seen a revival in the last ten years. Kids love wheels so there is a likelihood that BMX bikes and scooters would also be used at such a facility.

Including all these activities may increase interest in workshop attendance. Emphasis on the aspect of inclusion for all activities and abilities is important.

As well as ramps, rails and slopes, a smooth flat surface would be good to just skate/roll. This would allow the less able to attend and join in.

A smooth surface for roller skating in a circle or figure of eight or ‘smile' loop around the ramps and rails.

Alan Larner and Kevin Munn on our committee are both ex-Ramp & street skateboarders and pointed out that a lot of the stuff they look like implementing will be dual purpose anyway as most Roller skaters can use.

As well as bringing young people together to create this park, this project should have in its mind for the end result a place where parental participation and observation and everyone feels welcome.

It has also been suggested that the facility needs to be in an open space, clearly seen from the road and well lit at night to discourage night time gatherings for the purpose of underage drinking and other substances.

In creating something to honour Adam's memory we took his passion for skating and his wonderful kind and caring nature and created The Adam Cullen Skating Project.

Everyone should have the chance to try new things, even roller skating and our mission is to give the less able and challenged children and young adults the chance to do just that.



The Trustees and Committee of The Adam Cullen Skating Project




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