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#Beeston2020Vision - Creating Green Corridors


Urban trees are increasingly recognised for the many benefits they provide, such as removing carbon dioxide and pollutants from the air, habitats for wildlife and making our urban areas more attractive, enjoyable and healthy places to live.

Greening Beeston streets through enterprise and partnership can be achieved over time and extended to include all Beeston. As the climate warms so trees shade and breezes become more important.

We all have an interest in creating a sustainable, eco-friendly environment which meets the needs of Beeston residents and visitors. Green corridors are for everyone to enjoy, (see also 58. Robert Howard, Restoring vitality and sense of place to the High Road).

Canopy 2050 is a Beeston Community project with the object of increasing the urban tree canopy to 30%, as per the national target, (see or find us on Facebook).

Robert Howard
April 2022



#Beeston2020Vision is creating a conversation about the future of our town.  To comment, question, propose on this and the other #Beeston2020Visions - visit our Facebook page:

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