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Beeston is not about Bees – or is it?

There are numerous organisations in Beeston with vested interests in ensuring that the area survives and thrives. Helping to further to develop Pride in Place and a Sense of Space. Street Art has be a catalyst in launching Beeston to a wider world. Other praiseworthy initiatives, like the Blue Plaques guided walks and the associated mobile phone App – a first outside the Home Counties.

Town walks have been conducted over a number of years with companion publications. With some updating the excellent research the tours lead by John Beckett might be developed as self-guided walks. Galvanising activity and interest the idea of a Town Trail could complement all of these endeavours. Promoting Beeston as a vibrant and interesting place in which to ‘Live, Work and Play, to Visit, and to do Business in.

Places like York, with its images of Cats, and Holt with its Owls have developed successful town trails. Nearer to home we’ve had the Nottingham Robin Hood Robins – there’s even one of them outside Beeston Marina. All have generated huge interest, stimulated discussion and interaction between people – involving Traders, Artists, Designers, and a range of people in their execution and display.

So, what about Beeston Bees? as the focus for a Town Trail. As a pilot they could form part of a shop display competition. Initially this would help to generate interest, to retain potential customers and encourage folk to return to the area. With extension of the project just envisage the effect of bee sculptures, reliefs, cut-outs and art-works around the town – complemented by a digital guide and regularly updated App. There are already some bees near to The Beeman on the High Road.

Amalgamate this initiative with others - extending the idea of ‘Let’s Go Beeston’ - there’s always something happening there. There’s Always a Buzz in Beeston could become the new tag-line? Enhanced by the promotion of activities with associated entertainment - the crystallising action would be to abandon car parking charges. Just remember what happened when Long Eaton adopted parking fees – folk migrated to Beeston, where parking was free, to do there shopping!!

Time to put Bees into Beeston ?

Mervyn J Brown


August 2020




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