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Skateboarding and Wall Art Making Beeston Better    

I recently heard about a skatepark building project in Beeston that

got me very excited. There is no skatepark within miles of this area and I see people often skating on the street. 

As a local resident and a skater it made me really happy, but a short while after I realised that the skatepark project could not happen - due to the lack of funds. 

That was heart-breaking. Fortunately, there was some good news after all about local spots about to be created in various places around Beeston. 

Honestly cant wait until this takes place. 

Im very cheerful about other projects in Beeston that make this area livelier, more exciting and out of the ordinary to live in. Especially the street art which makes Beeston stand out from all of the same old brick wall towns around England. 

If you ask me many of the places around have a very outdated depressing look which makes me feel sad at times. 

Its great to live in Beeston with all the colourful pieces of art around.

It would be very nice go see more in the future, maybe even having a wall dedicated to people who want to express themselves. It would definitely add some spice to the area having and ever changing wall to look at.






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