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Based in Bergamo in the alpine Lombardy Region of Northern Italy, RobertoAlborghetti is aprize-winning journalist and author. In 1992 he received the European Award for Environmental Reporting - sometimes called the ‘European Pulitzer’ . He is a visual artist, a bestselling writer, official biographer to the present Pope Francis and much more besides.  Beeston is fortunate in having captured Roberto’s attention. Now a frequent visitor, his positivity shines through. Hear what he has to say about our town: 

“Who could have imagined from a quick visit of a few hours that a solid and lasting relationship could be born?  So it was for me first arriving in Beeston.  Interest and curiosity were triggered from that first moment”. 

Buses and beauty, history and culture 

All that was back in October 2014, when Marysia Zipser took me to the Barton Family garage to see their historic public transport vehicles.Immediately I was inspired by the rusty shell I would use later for the Ghost Bus project. Then there followed the delight of discovering a town surrounded by greenery - full of history and culture. 

Work, relax and visit 

Activities, events and initiatives over the following years strengthened and developed this relationship. I am always discovering something new to see and admire on returning to Beeston. It is not just the statue of George, the beekeeper. There is plenty else to find - monuments, old houses, all in a green setting by the Trent where it is pleasant to walk and relax. Through ACT I have also come to appreciate the industriousness of Beestonians. 

Bridges of collaboration and roses 

I have met many people who have become friends and we continue to build bridges of collaboration. I am looking forward to returning for The Year of Roses 2021 - an international initiative promoted by ACT and OKAY! Magazine - Coming soon, Beeston!”


Roberto Alborghetti

April 2021




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