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Tenant FAQs

1. Identifying a property you would like to rent

(a) What properties are available?

We list properties as either Furnished or Unfurnished. Unfurnished Properties are let with carpets and curtains and often with the main kitchen appliances. The appliances supplied varies property to property. Furnished Properties will usually have basic furnishings (but not crockery, TVs, bed linen etc). You should satisfy yourself as to the level of furnishings, appliances etc provided prior to the completion of the Tenancy Agreement. Additional furnishing will not normally be provided after the start of the tenancy. If you have any queries about furnishings, you are advised to discuss these with CP Walker & Son before you submit your application.

(b) How do I arrange a viewing?

Our website provides a useful initial point of reference prior to viewing. Internal photos, room sizes and floor plans are shown to give you an impression of what each property is like. There is a link to Google Maps so you can see the location and the surrounds. If you do not have internet access, there are Browse Points in our Office that you can use to look through the list of available properties and shortlist those that you would like to view.

If you want to view a property then you need to make an appointment through our office. This can be done via email or telephone. Once an appointment has been made, viewers are advised to re-confirm the appointment by calling our office before 10 am on the day of the appointment. Failure to re-confirm may result in our representative not being at the property at the appointed time. Please note that appointment requests made via our CP Walker website and Homesonview where time and date is specified by you should not be presumed as confirmed until you hear from us.

2. Completing a Tenancy Application Form

(a) What do we do if we see a property that we like?

Each person who wants to live at the property who is over the age of 18 is required to complete an Application Form. This provides us with the details we require to obtain the owner’s approval to proceed with the letting.  We do not normally accept applications from people wanting to move in more than 4 weeks after when the property is available. When submitting an application form you will also need to provide:

  • Photo ID (copy of passport or driving licence)
  • Proof of your existing address (e.g. copy of utility bill or similar)
  • Any other evidence to support your application (e.g. student registration or scholarship funding documents)

(b) What happens after we have submitted the application?

If the landlord is happy to accept your application, each person will be required to pay the Application Fee of £75. The property will then be placed “Under Offer” and no further viewings will take place whilst references are taken up. Employer and previous landlord references are taken and a report is obtained from a Credit Agency. Please ensure that you contact your employer and previous landlord to advise them that we will be contacting them so that references are returned as quickly as possible. Applicants from Overseas will be required to provide a copy of their passport (and visa if applicable) and confirmation of their overseas address. A larger deposit and/or additional rent monies in advance may be required from overseas applicants.

(c)  What happens if there are multiple applications for a property?

Occasionally we are in a position where we are expecting to receive more than one application for the same property (e.g. if two parties view the property at the same time and both want to apply). In these circumstances, we will ask all interested parties to submit application forms, but not take any application fees at that stage. The applications will be put to the landlord for a decision on which application to accept. Once a decision has been made, we will ask the successful applicants to pay their application fees and the referencing process will begin.

(d) How do we know that the property is ours?

Once the £50 per person application fee has been paid, the property is taken off the market and is let subject to the approval of the references. If there is any delay on your behalf in completing the process, we reserve the right to place the property back on to the market and we will inform you when this has been done. Once an application has been accepted, the Application Fee is non-refundable. We aim to complete referencing within one working week, after which time you will be expected to sign the Tenancy Agreement and pay the deposit.

(e)  Why might my application be refused?

Your application could be refused if we are unable to verify your identity, you have adverse credit history, unsatisfactory references from your employer/previous landlord, or if you do not satisfy our affordability criteria.

(f)  Will I need a Guarantor?

If you do not have sufficient income to cover the rent, or there are any other issues with your application, it may be that the landlord will accept your application, subject to you providing a satisfactory guarantor. This is someone e.g. a parent or guardian, who will agree to guarantee the rent and the other obligations of the lease. This person should be in full time employment and/or own their home.  Guarantors will be asked to complete a separate application and will be subject to a credit check. Please ask for a Guarantor Application Form for your Guarantor to complete so that your application can be properly considered). If a Guarantor is required, you will be required to pay an additional £50 fee towards the cost of taking up additional references.

3. Checking and Completing the Tenancy Agreement

Once references have been approved, we can complete the Tenancy Agreement. A copy of the Tenancy Agreement will be provided to you prior to the signing so that you can read through and raise any queries that you may have on any of the terms and conditions. Once you have checked the Tenancy Agreement, you will need to come into our office to sign the Agreement and pay the Deposit. 

4.  Before you move in

(a)  Pay initial monies

On completion of the tenancy, and before you are given the keys to the property, you will be required to pay: 

  • One month’s rent in advance
  • A Deposit which is (usually) equivalent to one month’s rent plus £100

The Deposit will usually be held by CP Walker & Son, in accordance with the terms of The Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS). Some of our ‘Let Only’ clients make alternative arrangements for the registration of deposits. The TDS provides tenants with the protection that the Deposit will be dealt with fairly and will be returned at the end of the tenancy less any proper deductions. The Scheme offers an arbitration service for both parties to use should there be any dispute about the Deposit at the end of the Tenancy. For further details, click here.

  • An administration fee of £150 towards the costs of preparing the Tenancy Agreement and Inventory

Cash or card payments can be taken on the day of move in, but if the initial monies are paid by cheque or bank transfer, these funds must be cleared in our account before you can move in. There is a 3% surcharge for credit card or overseas debit card payments but no charge if payment is made using a UK debit card.

(b)  Arrange Tenants Insurance

It is a condition of the Tenancy Agreement that you take out a policy of Tenants Insurance. This is required in order to protect the Landlord against damage to the property that the tenant is responsible for under the terms of the Agreement and people visiting the property, such as the Agent or Agent’s contractors, from injury caused by negligent actions taken by the Tenant within the property. We would also recommend that your policy includes cover for your own possessions and contents in the event of loss; theft; fire, water or accidental damage. It is a common misconception that a landlord’s buildings policy will cover tenant’s possessions against these events.

You will have to provide a Schedule of Insurance prior to moving in. Speak to a member of the C.P. Walker staff if you would like us to provide a quote.

(c)  Arrange Internet Services etc.

Once the legally binding Tenancy Agreement has been signed, you may wish to start making arrangements for setting up internet, phone and TV services, given that there can be a significant lead in period before the services are set up. We will not be able to confirm either whether there is an active BT or Virgin connection or which company is currently providing the telephone/internet services. As a Virgin Media partner, we can arrange for you to be contacted by our dedicated advisor with details of offers exclusive to C.P. Walker and Son tenants. Please ask a member of staff for details.

5. When you move in

(a) Collect Keys

After having signed the Agreement, paid all initial monies and provided your Schedule of Insurance, you will be given keys to the property. We will also supply you with a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate. Future rent payments need to be made by Standing Order (bank transfer) and you will be required to sign a Standing Order Mandate to authorise these payments. We recommend that you check with your bank before the next rent due date to ensure that they have a record of the Standing Order being set up.

(b) Agree the Inventory

When or shortly after you move into the property, we will give you an Inventory & Schedule of Condition.  This document records the general state of the property as at the start of the tenancy, and lists its contents. You will then have a period of 7 days to check through the Inventory to make sure that you are happy with it, making any necessary comments before returning it to us. The Inventory forms a record of the state of the property for the benefit of both parties and against which any disputes can be referred to during or at the end of the tenancy.

(c) Set up accounts with the Utility Suppliers

We will take meter readings at the start of the Tenancy and will notify the gas, electric and water suppliers. We will also notify the Local Authority Council Tax Department.  If you are exempt from Council Tax, you will need to provide the Local Authority with the relevant evidence. Once accounts have been set up, and the suppliers begin billing you, you should speak directly with them with any queries that you may have on any of these accounts, such as ensuring you are on the cheapest tariff. As these accounts will be in your name, the suppliers will not discuss any aspect of the account with CP Walker or the Landlord. Utility bills sent to your property for previous occupiers should be forwarded to CP Walker to allow us to deal with them.

(d) Reporting Problems

If CP Walker are managing your property on behalf of the landlord, maintenance issues should be reported to us either by telephone – 0115 925 4062 or email –

For emergency out of hours repairs click here.

If you have any further questions, please telephone 0115 925 4062 or email

"Renting through CP Walker has been an easy and enjoyable experience. The professional, helpful attitude of the team means I have confidence in renting. [Student Tenant for 1 year]"