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What makes Beeston special?


1.    Diverse population

2.    Has most services / facilities / venues you need i.e. retail, pubs / eateries, other amenities.

3.    Location in the Country

4.    Location to: other Cities and Towns, countryside, M1

5.    Good joined up public transport

6.    Fairly good access for people with mobility restrictions


What are Beeston’s strengths and how can we build on its strengths?


1.    All the above

2.    Make it affordable and attractive for retailers etc. to thrive

3.    Ensure a more diverse / bespoke range of shops and other amenities

4.    Improve access for people with mobility restrictions

5.    Improve facilities / amenities for younger people

6.    Middle Street Resource Centre and Beeston Library is a fantastic resource to the town and surrounding areas.  The Pearson Centre on the other hand could be far better utilized / promoted


What challenges do we face as a town and how can we overcome these?


1.    Retailers being squeezed out of town because of high rates etc.

2.    Gridlock, lack of parking, vehicles from out of town, “taking over” residential street parking.  Flats are going up everywhere, with no obvious signs of additional parking!

3.    Road, pavement and street lighting maintenance etc.

4.    A not fit for purpose Local Authority

5.    Ever increasing numbers of homeless people etc

6.    A serious lack of Police presence and response to “low level” crime etc.

7.    Beeston becomes a ghost town in the evenings / nights!

8.    Beeston’s Train Station is not fit for purpose and a no-go area for people with mobility restrictions

9.    Parks and other public spaces are increasingly populated by people drinking alcohol / other anti-social behaviour, making them an unpleasant and unsafe place to be

10.Gangs of young people in the town centre, being anti-social and a general nuisance to others


How can we develop pride of place?


1.    Tackle the above issues!

2.    Have more bespoke shops, venues etc.

3.    Reduce the number of empty units etc.

4.    Improve Bus services from surrounding areas


How can we make Beeston a better place to live, work and play?


1.    All the above!



Dean Thomas





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