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REINFORCING A SENSE OF COMMUNITY – Cooperation, Collaboration and Cohesion

As Beeston begins to return to a new normal it is time to reflect on what we can learn from the Covid months - to consider fresh approaches to what we do and how things are done – with and for whom. 

At one level we see Save the High Street encouraging local business to work more collaboratively together - towards the common objective of ensuring the survival of local trading communities in difficult days ahead. 

The key is seeing beyond self-interest towards collaborative actions that strengthen the community as a whole. They show the scope for local organisations to work together to their mutual benefit, potentially for us to strengthen the Beeston brand. 

The same might be true for at least some of our local societies. There are obvious overlaps between much of what we do, raising the possibilities of joint activities, events and promotions. Many of us belong to more than one local group, club or society, providing natural links for some joined-up thinking. 

Cooperation, collaboration and building cohesion in our community is a positive way forward. It could give rise to so many opportunities for reciprocal, interactive and joint activities – maximising involvement and enjoyment and reinforcing a sense of identity and community.  

We have the well established examples of the Beeston Carnivals and the separate Heritage Open Days, where joint participation helps to show off Beeston as a living, working community.  More recently we have the Street Art and the Argos Window. There may be other opportunities for collaboration such as: 

·         Creating a ‘Rolling Archive’ – Involving the Camera Club, History Group, U3A Architecture Group and others; 

·         Joint Presentations,Talks and Walks, which could attract national figures of some stature – mutually promoted and involving groups with shared interests and from adjacent areas; and 

·         Joined-up competitions, with the opportunity for display and exhibition of the outcomes. 

By working together local associations can drive public interest, involvement and potential engagement – all reinforcing the Beeston identity.

Working together and helping each other out are positive features of the Covid months. We are discovering things we have in common. Let us not lose it!


May 2021




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