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Investment In Our Futures 

I purchased my house in Beeston because it was a sound investment.

At the time, the tram was being built, so prices were down, but I knew with the new infrastructure they’d rise back up significantly in the short term. Furthermore, with HS2 in the works, property values will only increase in the long term, in excess of norm.

In the medium term, with Nottingham becoming a “city of culture” and investment there, Beeston property will only benefit.

What keeps me in Beeston is my street, we’ve developed a neighbourhood feel, with a dedicated WhatsApp Group started during “pandemic” but continuing beyond as it’s been so wonderful to share and care with each other. The developments in our town centre will likely also boost our property values, and it seems every week, lovely new shops and venues open up.

My only wish would be more small local businesses, less chains, and less investors trying to make a buck from HMOs (Homes in Multiple Occupation).

Clearly, Beeston was a good place to live and has the potential to become a great place if we’re mindful not to allow growth to run away at the expense of quality, charm, intimacy.


Beeston June 2021




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