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What’s on in Beeston – Bringing it all together

Over the years there have been various bold attempts to develop websites that would answer the question “What’s On In Beeston?”.  Some of them have been very good but lacked the wide dissemination to relevant audiences.

Bringing it all together

As Beeston continues to evolve and develop in a very positive way, I would like to see another attack on this to give a very professional, easy-to-use, relevant, up-to-date, value for money website which is flexible to enable it to accommodate new adventures.

Beeston as an attractive place

The website would need an introduction to where Beeston, Nottinghamshire, is geographically and some appealing background to what makes it a good place to work in, live in and play in. A good quality map of Beeston would be desirable as part of this. Details such as how to get here and permanent features of the area would provide an all-encompassing source of information.  

Method and Mechanics

There could be several parts to this as it should be recognised that there are several audiences which could be targeted such as: existing residents; people who have moved in to the area recently, or who are considering doing so, and people who might be tempted to visit Beeston either for the day or for a longer period.


Calendar of Events

These should run in date order - previous dates from the day in question automatically deleted for simplification. 

All relevant Events could be included and all relevant Organisers tuned in to submitting their events in a standard format that is attractive, shows when and where the Event is being held, and who to contact for more information and how to get access to the Event etc.

Easy Internet Access by Links to Relevant Topics

Inter-links to other information and publicity sites would enable an increased

joined - upness. It will serve as a unification of endeavours and enterprise in the area.

Ease of navigation is vital, including a ‘return to main menu’ feature.


Benefits of making it work

The provision of an eye-catching sophisticated and comprehensive, accurate and constantly updated web-site could become a major resource in attracting people - making Beeston worth coming to.

This one-stop facility would serve to reinforce the message that Beeston is Buzzing - a great place in which to live, work, visit and to do business in.

Who it to take this on board? Who are the beneficiaries? Where will the leadership come from? Could this be an enterprise that is self-funded by advertising and sponsorship?







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