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#Beeston2020Vision - Why Beeston for a new business


As residents of Beeston we felt very strongly about keeping Beeston as a destination for people to travel to do business, shop and enjoy themselves. That’s why we opened our new business here in the town.

We opened The Bike Lounge on Wollaton Road in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and enjoyed seeing so many new cyclists out on the roads as well as those rediscovering the love for 2-wheels - With electric assisted bikes now becoming available and within the budget of more and more people  budget there are  fewer obstacles than ever for most to get back on their bikes.

The worry is that once the ‘new normal’ becomes the ‘old normal’ people will again find it all too easy to get back in their cars. We need to embrace the situation thrown upon us and put things in place to make the roads safer, and keep people on their bikes.  Restricting road lanes to bikes is a great start. Going forward the provision of cycle lanes and multi-use paths should be considered within planning phases and infrastructure development.

it is important though that planners consult with actual cyclists and commuters when planning these. Locally some have recently place cyclist in more danger - then they don’t get used and this just upsets and infuriates people from all parties.

These provisions for cyclists and the public will not only help their health and wealth, it will have wider consequences – like helping reduce pressure on the NHS and improving the environment.

Cycling as a sport has such a strong heritage in Beeston and Nottingham – but there is no real provision for people to enjoy aspects of the sport. A local cycle training park, similar to that along the embankment, would be fantastic. This helps train new cyclists and builds confidence for those that aren’t use to being on 2 wheels. The two strong cycle clubs in Beeston are more than capable of organising events if the facilities are put in place.

The simple idea of the providing cycle lockers is another idea. Cycle theft is a major problem everywhere, but safe lockers where people can ‘lock-away’ their bicycles are a great idea to keep cycles safe and away from prying eyes. Another good reason to come to Beeston and enjoy what’s on offer.


The Bike Lounge

September 2020




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