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Sustainability (5): Living in the green community

Beeston is limited in what it can do due to budget and responsibility constraints, but it can help deliver and maintain a sustainable quality of life through engagement and local action.


Beeston has a great start. Generally, we want to improve our area, we care about sustainability and others less fortunate in society and want to do the right thing. To do this Broxtowe Borough Council must deliver effective and efficient processes and services  to:-


        Engage us in decision making, programme development and at least part funding;

        Co-ordinate inter-related projects and programmes;

        Provide well promoted and structured kerbside services to support all recycling and eliminate waste from landfill – ensure the residue is used for energy;

        Have community volunteer repair shops on recycling sites;

        Provide high quality vehicle free public spaces with trees, wildflowers and bees;

        Plant at least 10,000 trees by working with local communities;

        Provide and protect Green Flag standards in parks;

        Provide water refill stations in parks and community areas;

        Be single use plastic free;

        Manage wide scale Carbon offset schemes; and

        Encourage pride in our neighbourhoods.


With the strong and proactive support of Broxtowe Borough Council (and local public and business sectors), for our part we must:

         Reduce the volume of all waste whilst increasing the reuse and recycling of waste;

        Manage water use effectively;

        Create suitable habitats for bees and insects;

        Plant vegetables in community gardens;

        Reduce meat and dairy and increase plant-based meals;

        Shop locally and source from local less energy intensive farming and production;

        Re-use, repair and recycle waste & goods (consider anaerobic digestion)

        Produce/consume renewable electricity: green roofs, solar panels and battery storage;

        Be energy efficient; and

        Support ethical companies.



        Nottingham City Council’s 2028 Carbon NeutralCharter and draft Carbon Neutral Action Plan

        DfT Decarbonising Transport – Setting the Challenge


Gary Smerdon-White

24 July 2020




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