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Saving The High Street - Learning From Elsewhere


Home is where the heart is - local is where it's at, so in times like this it is tempting to think that the retail challenges Beeston is facing are unique. Not so. 

The pandemic has impacted hard on all types of location, but commuter settlements like ours have shown greater retail resilience than larger towns and city centres. There is much to be positive about and a great deal we can learn from elsewhere. 

Lockdowns and working from home have kept us all close to home and many expect the pandemic focus on 'local' to continue to be important even as restrictions ease. 

Against this background is involved in a growing number of high street recovery projects run by local authorities. 

One of these is Dacorum Borough Council, (Hemel Hempstead and the surrounding area). A partnership with the Council provides a programme of support to help high street businesses across the borough to reopen safely, to recover quickly and adapt to the challenges of COVID-19. 

A 12-week programme launched in March 2021 includes a series of free webinars. The most recent of these, ‘Making the Most of Social Media’, held on Wednesday 14 April, brought together first hand trader experiences and ideas. A May webinar will focus on collaboration and trading in new ways to build resilience locally. It will take place on 12 May at 5:30pm.  Registration is free and open. 

Another is Huyton Traders Association - an example of local collaboration where  has been involved from the start, and where Huyton traders have created a new traders association. 

Building a Movement is an industry movement on a mission to ensure diverse and successful high streets, now and for the long term.  

The future of the high street depends on how we all act now. provides support for high street businesses, community champions, trade associations, local authorities, landlords, industry innovators and others, across the UK, through the Coronavirus-era and beyond. 

Diverse, successful high streets benefit everyone. The more of us who join, the stronger we all become. Visit the website. Join the movement. Stay in touch. Spread the word.  

SaveTheHighStreet.orgis a trading name of Colex Connect Limited, a limited company registered in England and Wales 

April 2021




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