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A Letter From Beeston: There's Magic Out There


As the Spring sunshine spreads its warm rays on us, memories come back to me.  Family and friends visiting with stories to tell and share.  Walking in our neighbourhood parks, fields and woodlands with natural beauty surrounding and embracing us. 

For me and many others, nature and the environment inspire us to go forth, investigate and create. Theres magic out there.  So look and peer around, lifting your heads high and breathe in those moments.  Listen to the sounds, and see those castle turrets rising high.  Climb the stone, spiral steps, and at the top, look over the walls at the green expansive scenes below.  What do you see?  How do you feel?  Does it make you want to remember that moment and record it?  Do you immediately want to hold up your phone camera, picture it and click it?  

I live in Beeston in the land of Robin Hood.  Theres magic here.  I feel it under my feet, under the green fields and park lands. Its like a sort of magnetism that pulls me along the ancient pathways.  Are there ley-lines, I ask myself?  These are alignments between various historic structures and prominent landmarks.  Earth energiesthey call them.  Well certainly Beeston has them.  They seep up and invigorate me and my fellow walkers.  They seem to inject spiritual spurts into me.  

You wouldnt believe the wealth of creativity and community spirit that exists here.  Those blood ties and genes going back centuries.  The Bronze age settlers, Anglo Saxons, Vikings, then those medieval stonemasons building our huge Lenton Priory, no longer existing, and worship trails. Nottingham Castle high up on the rock, caves underneath it and the old city, with the River Lean close by.  Then fast forward to the entrepreneurial Victorian industrialists, scientists and engineers.   Our river Trent meanders, giving us stories of communities living close by it and farming the land.  

Were always digging...carefully that is...the archaeologists and historic building conservators, looking for those lost, ancient stories to tell us...why this, why that, what for, who lived here, what did they do, what tools did they make, what did they wear, what food did they eat, and so forth?  So much to unearth, so much to learn...and what stories to tell. Reinvigorate yourself - explore. Search for that magic on your doorstep!

The name
Beestonderives from the Saxon Old English words beos” meaning bent or rough grass and tun” a place or settlement - the place where the bent grasses grow.  The earliest name of the settlement was Bestune, recorded in the Doomsday Book of 1086.  The local pastures are still referred to in the name Beeston Rylands...and that is exactly where I live.




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