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Uplifting images Benefiting Beeston

Beeston Street Art and Broxtowe Council have created another art attraction – this one in Beeston Square. Its highly visible on the Argos block - the latest wall art in the area-wide series.  Artist Alex Rubes designed an abstract piece inspired by Paul Smiths signature stripes and painted it in time for Pride Nottingham on the 25th July this year.  It incorporates a Rainbow at the corner; the Pride flag originated in San Francisco in 1978 - now used worldwide to represent the LGBTQ movement for equality.

Looking forward into the future of Beeston in the 2020s the artwork serves to remind how a Brighter Beeston could be realised. The sort of society that we should be striving towards – one that is inclusive, tolerant and cohesive.  By adopting the rainbow image as part of the design - a symbol of hope during the Covid 19 pandemic – it expresses how grateful we are for the NHS, carers and key workers. 

Credit to Jeanie Barton and her team for this uplifting piece, its brightened up the last of the depressingly dark 1970s precinct brickwork - making a vibrant backdrop for the bandstand. 

More art attractions are in the pipeline too - helping Beeston to survive and thrive into the new era – as a place to enjoy. Its initiatives like this that enhance the visual appeal and contribute to a Sense of Place for Beeston.



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