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An update from Cllr Janet Patrick, Mayor of Broxtowe


My remit as Mayor of Broxtowe this year has been to support the people of Broxtowe, of which Beeston is an important part. For the last ten years I have been a ward councillor for Beeston West with Greg Marshall. 

The worst of Covid and the best 

The pandemic has been hard for everyone, yet the worst of times has also brought out the best in people.  We have become a more caring community in Beeston as in the rest of the borough. Community and Neighbourhood groups, some old and others new, have offered support to all in need. Foodbanks, shopping, phone calls and friendly greetings have raised our spirits. I do hope that this welcome sense of community responsibility will continue into the future. 

Beeston Buzzing 

Meanwhile building work continues uninterrupted. The Arc cinema, with its eight screens plus eating and drinking venues, is being furnished and should be ready for opening later this year. Houses are being built on Myfords and Barton's sites and more recently on the Maltings. These developments, with the planned apartments beside the cinema, will help to bring life to the town centre. Street art has recently been extended. Beeston is buzzing! 


April 2021




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