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#Beeston2020Vision - Where is this conversation going?


A year ago the #Beeston2020Vision Organising Panel started looking for online contributions to prepare the way for an open event in The Pearson Centre in mid May. The simple idea was to look ahead a decade by embracing ideas from the wider Beeston community.


How quickly all this changed.  During the mid March lockdown our May event was postponed until September 2020. Now we are looking forward beyond vaccination to some safe point in 2021. 


So encouraging a conversation about the future of Beeston began as a first step towards an informed discussion at an open meeting. With each delay this conversation is developing in scope and depth to become a valuable source of ideas in its own right. Where will all this lead?


Initially we were expecting something like one contribution a week over a maximum of 18 weeks until May – adjusted up when Covid started to bite to a maximum of 30 by September. As of early November 2020 there were 43 entries posted on this website with more in the pipeline. These contributions include ideas from Cllr. Janet Patrick, Mayor of Broxtowe, Grace Li, the present Youth Mayor and Will Lee the past Youth Mayor, plus Chris Frost, Sub-editor of The Beestonian, Cllr. Kate Foale, and many others from across the Beeston community.


Contributors touch on big questions about our future, including predictable changes arising out of sustainability policy objectives, (Gary Smerton-White),  plus informed insights on town centre retail, (Nelson Blackley and Peter Swann), and the vital role of creativity, (Jeanie Barton and now Marysia Zipser). There are thoughts about what makes Beeston special – our inherent strengths and what we might do to encourage pride of place - actions to make Beeston better to live in, to work in and to play in. There are project suggestions too, including a green corridor, skate park, a town trail, performance spaces and much else. There are questions. Are we ready for these challenges?


An online conversation about our future is topical because Covid is forcing us to look forward to a different world that could well have a more local focus. When not online we are shopping closer to home, walking and cycling more than before and quietly developing a more detailed appreciation of place.  We are meeting neighbours and volunteering, reinforcing a sense of community. Change is shaking us up. This is a good time to talk about our future and there are no shortages of ideas.


Our conversation so far feels like the beginning of a voyage of discovery, exploring what Beeston is all about and what it has the potential to be. Contributors offer plenty of insights and there is much that is positive.  By way of example Beeston seems relatively well placed to cope with lockdown as  we have advantages of a suburban location. Plus we have a river frontage beside a world class nature reserve close to the City, good transport links and an accessible, established shopping centre. 


We are seeing a growing interest in our online conversation as a way of opening up discussion about our common future to a wider audience, but these are early days. There is press interest at last. The likes are creeping up and, of course, we would welcome much more engagement.


Check out other entries on this site for yourself and comment on the Facebook page, now managed by Jeanie Barton - or contact us directly by email at

Peter Robinson

17 December 2020




#Beeston2020Vision is creating a conversation about the future of our town.  To comment, question, propose on this and the other #Beeston2020Visions - visit our Facebook page:

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