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Here are my thoughts for the Beeston 2020 Project, with some images.


I've been really encouraged to see the changes happening within Beeston since I last lived there in 2011 over the time I was studying at the University of Nottingham. It's great to see the environment livened up by the many wonderful murals and street art on offer in the town, something I've really enjoyed making the most off with my urban landscape photography.


I'm encouraged to see the development of the Arc Cinema atop the site of a former multi-storey car park - having entertainment and an evening offer to attract people will be good. I wonder if this could be taken further with a venue alongside it which could perhaps act as a creative hub by day by offering workspaces for freelancers?  it could also be adapted to become an evening  concert/entertainment venue to take advantage of the students and give them an alternative to Rock City.


With links to the Nottingham Science Park, I'm really encouraged to see things coming along and there's been some wonderful events and opportunities happening. I am very much looking forward to experiencing  Beeston in the future.

May 2021 



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