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Our Top 10 Tips for Vendors

How do I sell my property for the highest possible price in the shortest possible time? 

1. Prepare Your Property Inside and Out

  • First impressions count - make sure it looks good at the front. Cut the grass, remove any litter, make sure any flaky paint has been removed and repainted. 
  • Inside, clear away the kids’ toys, make sure the beds are made and the washing up is not in the sink. It doesn’t have to be a show house, but presenting it in a clean and tidy condition can only help.

2. Choose the Right Estate Agency

  • You might think all estate agencies do the same job. You would be right. The important thing to establish is how they do the job.
  • There is no substitute for experience. Choose a firm that knows the area, the houses and the people.
  • Having two, ten or fifty offices isn’t as important these days as it used to be. However, having a High Street office is. People need somewhere to go and be able to speak to someone face to face.
  • If things go wrong, you want to be sure you have some to complain to. Honest Estate Agents will always back their service with a right of redress through a recognised body. Look for a firm that is RICS or NAEA or ARLA registered.

3. Choose the Right Estate Agent

  • Do you like, trust and have confidence in the person/people who will be selling your property? 
  • The hard salesman isn’t always the best salesman. Someone who offers constructive, unbiased advice and knows his clients is often the most successful in concluding the deal.
  • Don’t necessarily go with the highest valuation. It may be the estate agent wants your house on their books at any price.

4. Make Sure High Quality Photos are Used

  • Get well taken photographs with a good digital camera and wide angle lens. Avoid “Fish eye” photos. They distort the room and lead to disappointed viewers who were expecting something bigger than it really is. 
  • Ask your estate agent how many photos they publish on the internet. The more the better. To get serious buyers through your door, show them as much as you can about the house. Make sure the only surprises are good ones.

5. Get the Value Right

  • It is natural for each of us to try and get the best price for our property, but sometimes you could be tempted to be a little optimistic. 
  • Don’t rely on House Price Indexes (Indices). Your local estate agent may have been in half the houses in the street and be able to use his experience and knowledge to give you an accurate valuation and suggest an asking price to help get the best figure and buyers through your front door.
  • Be careful that you don’t start too high and make too many price reductions. This can lead to buyers thinking there is something wrong with your property when all that was wrong was the price.

6.  Make the Most of Viewings

  • Estate Agents show and sell houses every day, so let them do the job for you. They will feel more comfortable selling the house than you and can take the emotion out of the viewing. 
  • If you show the house, try and remember the things that first attracted you to it. Don’t concentrate solely on the house and tell them about schools, shops, transport and the lovely neighbours.

7. Agree a Sale Price

  • When offers come in, let your Agent use their experience to negotiate on your behalf. 
  • Keep some ‘distance’ between you and the buyer; don’t get too friendly.

8. Decide on a Buyer

  • If you get more than one offer on your property, don’t necessarily go with the first or the highest one. 
  • Consider the position of the prospective buyers. Make sure your Agent qualifies them for you. Are they really a cash buyer?

9. Choose the Right Solicitor/Conveyancor 

  • Pick a reputable, professional who has a proven track record of dealing with matters efficiently. 
  • Help your solicitor by providing the information you are asked for quickly.

10. Be Prepared for Bumps in the Road

  • Sales can fall through for all sorts of reasons. 
  • Think in advance about how you will deal with any remedial work identified and/or downvaluation by the surveyor.

"Over the 55 years that I have been working with them, C.P. Walker and Son have always been very efficient. Being a Client for all these years, I am highly satisfied with their service and would highly recommend them to anyone. [Management and Insurance client of 56 years]"
Eric Hallam