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Protecting & Enhancing Beeston


Beeston has been my home for 23 years, I love the diversity of the community and the fact we are surrounded by fantastic green spaces, right up to the River Trent. Its location has one of the world’s leading universities on its doorstep, the Trent Building is a constant visible reminder that our town and neighbouring city nurtures UK and global talent and innovation, with an impact spanning generations.

We live in a wonderful neighbourhood where all our children have grown up safe and happy. I love the fact we are so connected to Nottingham and personally I love nothing more than running or cycling the Big Track to Trent Bridge or up to Sawley Marina, whether that is for its own sake, or to watch the cricket or meet up with friends from other parts of Notts. Our transport connections mean we are an hour from Aberdeen, France or Holland on a plane from the nearby airport, under two hours by train to London, or just over four hours drive to Edinburgh.

I’d like to see green spaces protected and enhanced, heritage buildings protected, high value jobs, and housing so we don’t price out our children and grandchildren and force them to move to other areas.  

Stuart Baird

January 2022




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