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Beeston/Chilwell should be a vibrant fun place to visit, be it shopping or leisure. The problem is a lot of people go somewhere else.

We need to bring people back, we need to engage with the university, we want the students to spend their time and money in Beeston/Chilwell. There is a new cinema/leisure facility being built that we need to incorporate in any future plans.

We need to rethink the High road and the shopping areas , if you go to York, Lincoln, Cambridge or any thriving town they have specific areas for arts and craft away from the main generic shops. They have small specialist markets on a weekly basis.

We need to get people into Beeston, the tram does a good job but covers a limited area. We need electric shuttle buses to run from the Rylands, Chilwell, Attenborough, the Uni and other adjoining areas.

Beeston is quiet at night apart from a few full pubs, Oxjam , street food and Bartons goes down well , with the cinema coming lets entice people to our other food out-lets and drinking holes before their film, encourage the preforming arts to come to town.

The street art is brilliant possibly expand with other works of art around the town. I would also look at linking the pedestrianized square and high road, I know this would be a big project but would create a large area for market stalls, street cafes and exhibitions.


Shaun Dannheimer



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