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Do you have 20:20 Vision?  What does the next decade have in store for Beeston?

Creating a Conversation About the Future of Beeston


It began with a book... 

A book that celebrates our historic town of Beeston.  ‘The story of Beeston’ commissioned by CP Walker & Son to mark their 120th anniversary and written by local historian David Hallam charts the town’s history across three centuries.  Copies of the book can be collected, for free, from CP Walker’s Office. 

Now, the team behind #Beeston2020Vision, an independent group of people inspired by the past and passionate about the future of Beeston, would like YOU to be involved in writing the next chapter of our town. 

We are seeking creative ideas, different concepts and really, just a fresh pair of eyes for our town that we can highlight, discuss and eventually, put forward for further scrutiny at our special event at the Pearson Centre on May 2020 (now postponed until at least Spring of 2021). 

You don't need to be a professional writer, we don't need fine prose.  

What we DO need are new ideas that spark a conversation, preferably contained within between 250-400 words. They will be published on a dedicated webpage for the #Beeston2020Vision project and shared across social media to encourage further debate and to stimulate other suggestions, so please ensure you are comfortable with that. 

So, if you like the sound of what we're doing, please contact us at the Office and we can fill you in on the finer details.  You can email us direct at

P.S.  We are not prescriptive in terms of the content but you might find the following guidelines useful. For now, don't worry too much about the HOW or even the WHO, what we want to know is the WHAT?

o   What makes Beeston special?

o   What are Beeston’s strengths and how can we build on its strengths?

o   What challenges do we face as a town and how can we overcome these?

o   How can we develop pride of place?

o   How can we make Beeston a better play to live, work and play?



"Have had investment properties in Beeston for 15+ years and have previously used 3 other agents. Walkers through Rex and Jonathan have been the most open and straightforward about tenant problems / issues, which we have then resolved together. I have also found that my 'property vacant' time has gone down, which is valuable to me as a landlord. [Management Client of 6 years]"
Dave B