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 Will Mee, former Broxtowe Youth Mayor

What makes Beeston special?

In my personal opinion I believe that Beeston is great due to its wide range of shops, cultures and facilities. For example, if I want to go and get something no matter what it is it is highly likely Beeston will have it somewhere. Whereas in my parents’ old area in Stoke this was not an option and long travel to a city was necessary. I also love the Bubble Tea Shop here. It is truly incredible and close to my heart.


What are Beeston’s strengths and how can we build on its strengths?

I believe Beeston’s strengths are the community events and activities. Owners of Beeston businesses are incredible people too. They all work so hard to keep Beeston up and running. Also it is the young people and general population of Beeston together who make it such a great place to live in.


What challenges do we face as a town and how can we overcome these?

I believe Beeston is probably one of the best places in Nottinghamshire to live, yet I also see some problems here occasionally with anti-social behaviour. However I believe that this is very rare.


How can we develop pride of place?

We just need to unite people, especially different age groups, so together we can work as one and be proud to be ‘Beestonians’.


How can we make Beeston a better place to live, work and play?

I believe that in order to make Beeston a better place we must seek to engage different groups of people from different backgrounds in activities where they can meet others who they may not have met before. From my experience as a young person growing up here I believe that the Council or community groups or whoever should arrange more activities aimed at young people. Too often I have found myself doing nothing when I could be doing something useful.


Will Mee

Broxtowe Youth Mayor, October 2018-November2019


1 May 2020




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