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I have lived in Beeston for over 50 years and ran a dance school for more than 30 years. I’m still organising tea dances in the borough. They raise funds for charity and enable people to congregate together socially for pleasure, recreation and exercise. We use the community centre as it is central, accessible and provides well kept facilities for people of all ages to engage together.

Beeston is a lovely place to live because Beeston folk are friendly, helpful and supportive. It is particularly special to those who live alone as we are also well positioned for transport to other centres including trams and buses into Nottingham, trains for more distant locations and the nearby airport for holidays and business travel.

Looking forward, Beeston could do with a greater variety of shops - specialist food and clothing for instance.  Future generations are well served by good schools. Perhaps more could be done to involve teenagers in enjoyable, engaging and practical activities.

Peggy Wainwright
Freeman of Broxtowe Borough
February 2022




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"C P Walker and Son was always friendly, businesslike and overall very pleasant to deal with, from my first viewing of the rented property, through periodic quarterly inspections up to the final inspection which was done when handing back the keys. On the few occasions during the tenancy that a fault arose in the rented property, they were very responsive to ensure each fault was put right as quickly as possible. [Tenant of 4 years]"