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Application Form - Professional Properties

Application documentation for our professional properties is below.  If you are student applying for accommodation for either the current or next academic year, please click here:  Application Form - Student Properties

The application form can be downloaded here:  Professional Application Form

This is designed to be completed electronically and emailed to us, with the relevant supporting documents as outlined on the form.  The form is a Microsoft Word document and you will need a device such as laptop or PC to complete it electronically, rather than using an Apple/Android device.

Completed application forms should be emailed to  Please note we have a maximum attachment size of 10MB for incoming emails.  You may need to send attachments through on seprate emails.

Completed application forms are required for each person aged over 18 who would be living at the property.  

Applications which include Guarantor(s) will also need to return a completed Guarantor form which can be downloaded here:  Professional Guarantor Form

Guarantors are usually sought if the prospective Tenant(s) cannot evidence sufficient monthly income to cover the rent.  Our minimum affordability criteria are that the Tenant(s) can evidence monthly income of at least 2.5 times the monthly rent.  If an application is being made with Guarantor(s), to be eligible the Guarantor(s) should be a UK-residing, home-owner with income of at least 5 times the monthly rent.

Completed Gurantor forms should be emailed to with the relevant supporting documentation.

Your application will not be put forward to the Owner for consideration until we have received all the required documents from all the parties included in the application.

More details on the application process for professional properties can be found here:  Tenant FAQs

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