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Promoting Design Quality And A Sense Of Place


The Beeston and District Civic Society Design Award, now in its second iteration, is one of several promoting design quality and a sense of place available to the Beeston community. 

This particular Design Award is aimed at recent developments that make a positive contribution to the local physical environment. It aspires to encourage quality in building design and environmental improvements to reinforce Beeston’s identity and sense of place - a commendable local initiative. See 

Nominations for design awards as a whole signal a community’s interest in attaining high standards. They help to increase the visibility and identity of that place  - for us factors in making Beeston special. Each one (and there may be others) offers an opportunity to mark quality in different ways. 

Civic Trust Awards 

Civic Trust Awards - established in 1959 - recognise outstanding architecture, planning and design in the built environment and they are not just about acknowledging architecture or design excellence. Successful projects are expected to exhibit strong sustainability credentials, a high level of accessible and universal design, showing how the project has provided a positive civic contribution. These should not be confused with Civic Voice Design Awards which have a distinct community dimension. 

Several categories of award are available covering new projects, temporary structures and conservation work, with special categories covering sustainability, community engagement and other factors. More than 7000 awards have been made over sixty years. See 

Civic Voice Design Awards 

In the past Civic Voice Design Awards have been the people’s choice for architecture and the built environment. Unique in England, the awards are a national celebration of well-designed new build, heritage and public realm projects nominated by local community organisations. Interrupted by Covid in 2020, they are likely to resume later this year on a two-year cycle. 

What makes these awards different is that they recognise those buildings, places and spaces that are loved by local people - cherished for both their high quality design and positive impact on the local community. See 

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Awards and Prizes 

Celebrating outstanding work for over 180 years, RIBA awards and prizes are regarded internationally as a mark of excellence, recognising the best architecture, architects, research and students. 

RIBA Awards are judged and presented locally. No matter the shape, size, budget or location, award winning schemes set design standards for great architecture across the country. Entries are submitted to the region in which the building is situated, for us the East Midlands. Projects are judged first for RIBA Regional Awards, then RIBA National Awards; the RIBA Stirling Prize shortlist is selected from winners of the RIBA National Awards. See RIBA East Midlands at 

Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) Awards 

There are various RTPI National and Regional Awards covering research excellence and other topics to showcase outstanding achievement. The East Midlands Regional Awards for Planning Excellence celebrate projects, plans and people who have helped create exceptional places and improved the lives of those who live and work here - highlighting how planning and planners work to create a safe, healthy and sustainable future for all of us. See RTPI East Midlands Awards at 

National Railway Heritage Awards (NRHA) 

Finally - something a little different applying to railway buildings and structures. Beeston and Attenborough stations are significant local gateways. Each has a background of voluntary work going back over several years to make them more welcoming and attractive. NRHA awards, dating from 1979, are dedicated to encouraging and acknowledging best practice in the restoration and continued upkeep of Britain’s rich heritage of railway and tramway buildings and structures. There are several entry categories including Volunteers and Community awards. See 

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