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Beeston - Proud History and a Greener Future


Beeston as an ancient name has nothing to do with Bee’s so the reference should be dropped as its boring, inaccurate and old hat.

Propose that along with the replanting of mature trees and shrubs from Wetherspoons to Humber Road to create a green Boulevard style canopy - encourage nature into the shop-ping environment and create a living, clean air breathing Avenue - attracting people who in turn will generate retail confidence thus helping to restore the main artery of Beeston, a rich vein that was severed 30 years ago and has bled the town dry ever since sucking the very life out the place. 

You could then set about the vile edifice that is Beeston Square. As its commercial value is virtually zero, I’d double the size of the churchyard, plant even more trees and maybe even excavate a lake or maybe a skateboarding thingymajigwhatsit.


Robert Dable


Biographical note; Robert was born, brought up and educated in Beeston, an old-boy of Beeston Field Boys school. For many years he worked in the area, latterly running the family firm.




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